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The Alter Brigade is a non-profit civil society organization, founded in 2019 and based in the village of Alter do Chão, a Borari* territory, in western Pará State, Brazil.

We operate voluntarily in combined integrated fire management actions, primarily through prevention and combat preventing and combating of forest fires and environmental education.

The operational area comprises constitutes 2.479.607,98 hectares, in in the following Conservation Units:

  • APA Alter do Chão – Alter do Chão Environmental Protection Area
  • APA Aramanaí – Aramanaí Environmental Protection Area
  • FLONA Tapajós – Tapajós National Forest
  • RESEX Tapajós-Arapiuns – Tapajós-Arapiuns Extractive Reserve

Our institutional mission is to conserve the environment through integrated fire management actions, aiming to protect areas of significant ecological interest, fauna and flora, and populations of the Lower Tapajós River region.

We are on the front line of the fight against climate change!

*One of the 13 Indigenous ethnicities belonging to this region.

Our goals are:

1. Recognize volunteering.

2. Implement and improve continuous processes of technical training, environmental education, community engagement participation, transparent and permanent ongoing dialogue among members of local brigades members, communities, and public authoritiesthe government.

3. Ensure safety in the prevention and suppression combat of forest fires.

4. Expand the number of volunteerary community brigades, through training, development of technical skills, training, and capacity buildingorganizational strengthening.

5. Partner Coordinate with governmental and civil society organizations in order to collectively so that, each in their role, we can together prevent and combat forest fires.

The brigade faced a difficult time in November 2019 when four volunteer firefighters were unjustly arrested under the false narrative that they had started forest fire to obtain funding. The baseless accusations were not proved, the firefighter were released, and the institution emerged stronger through a restructuring, albeit with different operational models was strengthened through a resumption, although in different models of action, with greater attention to procedures and ensuring the legal security of volunteers.
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Our ongoing projects for 2024:

Fundo Casa

Through the Fundo Casa Socioambiental public Casa Socialo-environmental Fund call, we will have our new warehouse and meeting space. A container that will serve as our base for storing equipment and suppliesly. storage base for forest fire combat. for fighting forest fires.

In the same project of this call, a The same project also includes a training course for new brigade members is planned. The course does not have a set defined date yet, but it will be held between July and August 2024, before the beginning of the dry season months in the Amazon.

Iturri Foundation

The Foundation is a Spanish entity, derived from Iturri, a manufacturer of safety and industrial protection clothing, equipment, and industrial safety and protection vehicles.

Resources from Iturri will be executed throughout the year in equipment, first aid courses, institutional strengthening, and emergency funds to combat the dry season, when unfortunately forest fires increase. The resources from Iturri will be used throughout the year for equipment, first aid courses, institutional strengthening and an emergency firefighting fund for the dry season, when forest fires unfortunately increase.

WWF Brazil

WIth Through the support of WWF Brazil, we will have a 4×4 quad bike to support field actions, which requirerequiring a versatile vehicle for difficult terrains.

IPÊ Institute

In this project, we will be regional mobilizers in the Lower Tapajós region and will provide support in the production of workshops for the realization of Concept Tests linked to the Regulation of the Federal Volunteer Strategy in Integrated Fire Management.

Um Grau e Meio

Through the support of the Pantera platform, from the company Um Grau e Meio, we have access to athe private satellite system that monitors fires and heat sources. monitoring system that detects fires and hot spots through satellites. We receive daily instant alerts in our work area of operation daily.




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